Everything you need to know about how to GROW and MONETIZE your Instagram ORGANICALLY...even if you have no idea where to start

For aspiring influencers/ content creators who want to learn how to get brand deals and online coaches how to attract clients using Instagram.

Tell me, is this YOU?

  • You struggle with knowing how to gain more followers organically and find it difficult to increase your engagement and reach for your Instagram posts
  • ​You have no idea where to start on Instagram and lack the confidence in what to post
  • ​It's difficult for you to be consistent when it comes to posting on Instagram and you don't know what kind of content to post

Hi, I'm Nicole

I have over 9 years of experience growing multiple Instagram accounts in a variety of niches, and working with brands as an influencer.

I have taught thousands of students how to grow their Instagram following organically, and how to pitch to brands.

My organic growth strategies combined with my viral content formula allow me to grow 1000-10,000 followers per day, work with the top brands, and increase my income by 10x

From 30k views to over 26 MILLION views



How I grew from 30k followers to 530, 000 followers in ONE YEAR



Client Testimonials


- You grow your following by the thousands and your inbox is overflowing with messages from authentic and engaged followers and companies wanting to pay you and send you products

- You’re free from being frustrated by the Instagram algorithm and being thankful for it because it is working in your favor to gain real followers fast

- You attract consistent clients for your business without being salesy, and without cold messaging 

I know what you're thinking...

  • ​You're worried you don't have what it takes to grow your following on Instagram
  • ​You're scared that when you put yourself out there, no one will sign up for your coaching
  • ​You're unsure if you're able to pursue your dreams of being a full time influencer

This is why I created the InstaEvolution

I didn't want anyone to struggle as long and hard as I did, so I compiled ALL the information I have learned in 9 years of being an Instagram coach into one comprehensive, but easy-to-understand online course.

The 'InstaEvolution' is an online, self-paced program designed to teach you STEP-BY-STEP the ins and outs of Instagram to increase reach, grow an engaged an authentic following, and how to monetize your following as an influencer or online coach. 

Over 30 of my videos have over a million views - and it's not a fluke. I have a proven viral content strategy that works for me and my students.

I'm sharing the EXACT methods I have used to grow my Instagram to over 530, 000 followers and create a profitable business online.
  • You're a new or aspiring influencer who has no idea where to start when it comes to growing your Instagram or pitching to brands to get paid brand deals 
  • ​You're a micro-influencer who keeps getting free collaborations and you want to learn how to turn them into paid brand deals 
  • ​​You're an online coach with little to none clients, and you can’t figure out how to grow your presence online and have consistent clients coming in
  • ​You’re and expert at what you do, but you don’t know how to create compelling content to attract your ideal client
  • ​You have a great purpose and you want to make a great impact in the world, but you feel lost when it comes to online marketing
  • ​You want to grow a profitable business online so you can be your own boss and have the freedom to travel and work whenever, and wherever
  • ​You have a well defined niche and you know what kind of clients you want to serve, but you don't know how to attract your first paying client

What you will learn in the InstaEvolution:

  • How to grow on Instagram organically WITHOUT using sketchy tactics such as follow/unfollow, or buying bots/fake followers
  • ​How to pitch to brands to get paid brand deals, even as a small influencer (my students with 200 followers have gotten paid brand deals!)
  • How to create compelling content to attract your ideal clients and increase sales organically WITHOUT the use of paid ads


Learn the EXACT strategies I used to gain over 95,000 followers in 7 DAYS

What's Included in InstaEvolution?

- My EXACT Instagram growth strategies I have used to grow my following organically from 30k to 530, 000 followers in ONE year, WITHOUT using ads, bots or fake followers!

- Learn my VIRAL CONTENT formula and the exact steps I use to get over 1 million views for 30 of my videos

- The 7 resources and tools I use for content ideas to help you gain confidence on what to post

- Step-by-step process on how to work with brands and how to MONETIZE your account (even with less than 1K followers)

- Downloadable PDF templates to walk you through how to create HIGH engaging content and attract CLIENTS

- Step-by-step process on how to use stories and captions to increase SALES

- Learn how to organize and plan a month’s content in one day

- Techniques to properly find or define your niche and attract clients

- Lifetime access to the full course and trainings

- Learn how to create high quality, compelling photos using only your smartphone!

Other Instagram Courses:

  • Growth strategies and lectures are outdated and do not work for the current Instagram algorithm
  • ​Teaches sketchy techniques such as follow/unfollow, buying bots or fake followers
  • Tells you to waste your money on buying ads
  • Dumps content at you in boring, lengthy lectures that make you want to fall asleep 
  • Doesn't teach you how to build the foundation of your Instagram in order for the strategies to work


  • All the growth strategies are being constantly updated to the current Instagram algorithm
  • ​Teaches you the proper Instagram growth strategies that have been tested and proven to grow an engaged and authentic audience
  • NONE of the growth strategies include buying ads and shows you how to grow organically
  • Includes interesting lectures that include video and audio to enhance the way you consume content
  • ​Starts with building a strong foundation to accelerate your Instagram growth

Instead, I created a FULL self-paced program that teaches you information that you can use for a LIFETIME:

Sneak Peek Inside the InstaEvolution


The Shortcut to writing Red-Hot Emails that SELL

Learn how the email formula that SELLS from a cofounder of a $10MM company

Ready-to-use Hashtag List

Cut down the time you spend finding hashtags with my ready-to-use hashtag list for various niches and increase your REACH

How to SELL on Instagram Stories - 7 day Launch

Learn how to sell on Instagram stories and my EXACT 7 day launch strategy

Brand Pitch Email Template

Use this template to pitch to brands to secure PAID brand deals, even as a small influencer

Sample Media Kit

My EXACT media kit that has secured 4-figure brand deals

Caption Ideas Ebook

12+ Caption ideas for coaches and influencers to jump start your posts


Learn how to grow on YouTube with YouTuber Charlie Chang (502k subscribers)


Sure, there’s tons of free resources on the internet, but they won’t give you the results you want because it’s general, and often outdated information. The algorithm is constantly changing, which is why I am constantly updating my course. 

You can keep trying different techniques, but think about how much time you’ll be wasting doing so. Time is money and your time is precious

You can sit back and watch others grow on Instagram and in their business while you stay stagnant. You’ll be kicking your butt for not investing in yourself sooner

I’ve done all the hard work for you so you don’t have to.

I know how frustrating it can be trying to figure it out on your own. It can be overwhelming not knowing where to start and this is why I created this course.

You can follow TESTED and PROVEN METHODS that will instantly give you the results you want and remove the stress.

The algorithm tries works in your favor, you simply have to understand how to see results.
  • ​Understanding the Instagram algorithm to gain REAL, organic followers and increase reach on your posts
  • ​​Secure PAID brand collaborations even as a microinfluencer
  • ​Attract your ideal clients who are eager to work with you
  • ​Have a marketing system to turn your followers into paying clients
  • ​Have your photos TREND using tested hashtags and learn how to hit the explore page

What Students Are Saying About The Course:

"Nicole's course honestly helped me so much! I always wanted to take Instagram more seriously to get paid collaborations. When she reached out to me, I only had a little under 20,000 followers, but because of her, I am at 80,000 followers! I have been posting more high-quality content that I learned from the course AND I have brands constantly reaching out to me 24/7 for paid collaborations...[Nicole] even helped me negotiate on collaborating with 2 companies by composing responses because I didn't know what to do last minute. Please get her course! You won't regret it"

-Aimy (@Aimyyz)

In March 2018 I decided I wanted to build my social media. I tried different niches and managed to get my account to 4k followers but had no idea what I was doing. I started talking to Nicole in June 2018 and that's when I really started to see the power of having an influence and the perks that came with it from her profile. She taught me how it all works and how to leverage it and that's when I decided to go all in on really building mine properly. With her help and what I learned in the course, I went from 4,000 to over 18,000 followers. Along the way i learned the necessary criteria for how to monetize my profile at the same time which I didn’t think was possible. Throughout my journey I have worked with over 15 brands, have been the face of campaigns, and have grown my account to over 38k followers to date. I even recently earned a modelling contract that will fly me out to Las Vegas, pay for my hotel and compensate based off of my social value (minimum 2500)+ per-diems. I am also about to work with some other high fashion brands outside of that. I can proudly say that with her help it has allowed me to live the dream that I never thought possible. The biggest takeaway I learned is truly what it takes to be an influencer, and the back end effort on how to leverage what you build, which is something no one teaches you unless you’re in that world. I owe all my success to her and look forward to the future!

-Gabriel (@G_ss90)

(With only 211 followers on Instagram!)

"Nicole's course was such an investment to my life! If you're skeptical about this, I assure you that everything you learned from her eBook could be applied immediately! After less than 24 hours, I accepted my first paid Brand Ambassador position with a company, and I've had other companies speak with me. I really didn't know that this was possible! I highly encourage you to purchase this! Thank you Nicole!"

-Dorene (@dorenehw2)

This is the most detailed, step by step, easy to follow guide to becoming an influencer that I have ever read. You can start from scratch, and I believe this program would get you paid faster than anyone whose been in the game for awhile. She hits everything that is so important and explains it clearly. I have been an influencer for awhile but there is so much more I had to learn before this and I would recommend it to anyone who is trying to monetize their social platforms! 

-Katie (@katierose.bae)


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Frequently Asked Questions:
Instagram is constantly updating their algorithm, will the course be up to date?
Yes! I am continuously adding and updating the course. Once you receive access, you have access for life and will be notified about any updates.
Do I have access to Nicole if i have any further questions?
This is a self-paced course. Although you won't have direct access to Nicole, students can leave questions below the modules and it will be answered by Nicole.
How long do I have access to the course after I purchase?
You will have access for life! All students will be notified by email when updates are made to the course
Are there any refunds or exchanges?
Everything is final sale and there are no refunds, or exchanges.
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