Everything you need to know about how to grow on TikTok and how to get on the For You Page to go viral

Are You Ready To Grow Your TikTok To Build Your Brand And Build Your Business?

Are you new to Tiktok and you feel lost and overwhelmed? Or, maybe you've made a few posts, but are struggling to see any views on your videos and you don't understand how the algorithm works.

Either way, I've got the perfect solution for you...

'Talk The Tok' is an online TikTok growth course designed to teach you STEP-BY-STEP the ins and outs of TikTok to increase views and followers. 

I'm sharing the EXACT methods I have used to grow my TikTok to over 1 million followers in one year.

Imagine if...

  • You grew your TikTok following by thousands and you are able to reach a large audience
  • ​​You were able to attract consistent clients for your business without being salesy, and without cold messaging 
  • ​​You were given more opportunities and paid brand deals simply by posting TikTok videos

"I'm not attractive enough" or 
"I can't dance" 
...Will this course work for me?

If this was the case, then I would not have been stuck at 800 followers for 2 years on my old TikTok account.

I'm going to get straight to the point and show you proof that I did NOT grow my following based on the way I looked, or because of luck, or because I posted dance videos. The following pictures are screenshots of my analytics for my videos.

My most viewed videos do not show my body or face at all...they show my ugly quarantine nails 🙈 and my phone screen 👇🏻

This dance video only reached 6k views on the first day of posting, and barely made it to the For You Page (only 8% of the views comes from the For You Page)

This video of my phone gained 300k views in one day, and now has almost 2 million views. 94% of the views come from the For You Page. 

TALK THE TOK is for you if...

  • ​​You're new to TikTok and you don't know how the algorithm works or how to gain followers on the app 
  • ​You've made a few posts on TikTok but you haven't been getting many views and you're frustrated with seeing other people blow up on the app
  • ​​A few of your posts have gone viral, but you don't know how to convert them to followers
  • ​​You want to use TikTok to build your brand for a greater purpose that extends beyond vanity metrics
  • ​​You're looking for more exposure to expand your business and build your brand
  • ​​You're ready to take on clients for your online business, but you don't know to to use TikTok to attract your ideal audience

If any of the above statements describe you,
TALK THE TOK is the perfect solution for you

What's Included in TALK THE TOK:

Module 1: The Features Of The App

  • Setting up your profile picture, bio and privacy settings
  • ​Learn how to set up your analytics to maximize growth
  • Learn how to use the features of the app such as editing, adding sound, adding text, using filters, etc
  • ​How to edit videos OUTSIDE of the TikTok app and upload it into TikTok properly with specific growth strategies
  • ​Shadowbanning explained and how to avoid it

Module 2: Finding Trends & Inspiration and Organizing Your Content

  • 4 proven ways to find trends BEFORE is it released to the public
  • ​​Techniques to define your niche on the app
  • ​How to organize your content to reduce clutter and to plan ahead

Module 3: Learn the 15 Tested and Proven Growth Strategies

  • Learn how the TikTok algorithm works to make your videos go viral and to get on the For You Page
  • ​​Learn the TESTED and proven hashtag strategy that gets me 3-5k followers a day and over 15 million views. Also learn which hashtags you should and should not use!
  • ​Explanation of how often you should post on TikTok
  • ​How to use text in video to increase views
  • ​Learn how to find the proper audio to use to steal your competitor's audience and gain more views on your videos
  • ​Step-by-step tutorial on how to view your analytics and analyze them to gain more followers on TikTok
  • ​My secret technique to properly use Tiktok live to increase engagement, start trends, gain followers, and earn money
  • ​Why and how to use Duets or Reacts to maximize views
  • ​Analyzing VIRAL content and learning how to create VIRAL content for your TikTok - 7 ways to make your videos go viral, and the exact steps I have used to gain over 6 million views on ONE video!
  • ​Learn how to properly test and analyze your content to increase your views and go viral
  • ​Strategies to get more content ideas and build a loyal tribe of followers
  • ​Learn how to start a trend on TikTok
  • ​Learn how to create visually appealing videos to go viral
  • ​Utilizing the TikTok features to your advantage to gain more views and to consistently get on the For You Page 
  • ​How to create a community to build a loyal and engaging audience

A Sneak Peek Inside the Course...

The Results You Can Achieve With TALK THE TOK:

  •  Your videos consistently getting on the For You Page and increasing the number of views on your videos
  • ​Gain thousands of targeted followers each day and build a loyal tribe 
  • ​Knowing what the upcoming trends of TikTok are, before anyone else does!
  • Learning how the TikTok algorithm works and having your videos go viral  
How I Went From 0-100k Followers on TikTok in just over 5 weeks:
When I first started on TikTok 2 years ago with an old account, I had NO IDEA how to use the app, I was posting without strategy and I thought it was only meant for teenagers who love to lip sync and dance. 

I did not have an interest in learning movie lines to lip sync to or new dances every single week, so I quickly gave up on the app and stopped using it. 

Then, when COVID19 happened, I did what every other other person in their 20s and 30s did and joined TikTok for fun.

I continued to use my old TikTok account, but I kept getting only about 40 views on my videos.

I tried really hard to grow my account, but it was stuck at 800 followers for 2 years. I had no idea how people were going viral and I got frustrated.

After doing some research, I figured it would be better to start a brand new TikTok account. After doing lots of tests and implementing different strategies, I finally understood how the algorithm works. After 3 days, I gained 1000 followers, after 10 days, I gained 10k followers. And now, I have over 100k followers in just over 5 weeks of my new account

Not only that, but my monthly income and my email list have TRIPLED, and I gain about 50-100 followers on Instagram PER DAY. 

None of this happened because of luck. I have tested my strategies multiple times to be able to grow about 3-5k followers per day on TikTok. 

My TikTok Before:

  • Posting without strategy and didn't know how to use hashtags
  • ​Each Video had an average of 40 views 
  • ​Was stuck at 800 followers for 2 years

My TikTok Now:

  • Developed a tested and proven hashtag strategy to increase views and followers
  • ​Over 15 million+ views in 28 days
  • Gaining about 3-5k followers every single day

Student Testimonial

$30 000 CAD in ONE month, WITHOUT ads

137, 000 followers in 7 months!


What You Will Receive in the Course:
  • ​Lifetime access to video trainings that will teach you everything from how to use the features of TikTok and gain followers and go viral
  • ​​15 Tested and proven growth strategies that will work with any niche
  • ​A detailed breakdown of viral videos and a full explanation on how you can create your own viral video - 7 ways!
  • ​Step-by-step video tutorial explaining how to use hashtags to maximize growth
  • ​​How to set up your profile to convert views into followers
  • ​Details about how often to post, and when the best time to post is

Regular Price $299



Frequently Asked Questions:
Is it a one-time payment?
Yes! It is a one-time payment and you will get instant access to the course.
How long do I have access to the course after I purchase?
You will have access for life! All students will be notified by email when updates are made to the course
I don't live in the same city, can I still access the course?
Yes! This is an online course. All of the course materials can be accessible from anywhere in the world
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